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ShowMeQR revolutionizes the way we provide support to students and employees.  Using customized ShowMeQR codes attached to specific items, or locations, it provides personalized training and support 24/7 using text, video and LIVE support.

ShowMeQR is revolutionary new app that creates task specific instructions (video and text) and embeds them into (and prints) proprietary ShowMeQR codes.

ShowMeQR.com is an app (Apple and Android compatible) that assists with the understanding and/or completion of tasks at home, school, work or in public.  Think of it as a personal assistant.  A full time assistant to help with life's ongoing series of tasks.  Tasks that can be as simple as “how to brush your teeth” to as complicated as solving mathematical linear equations.

ShowMeQR creates and prints proprietary codes that can be placed on (or near) objects.  After scanning a ShowMeQR code, instructional videos and/or written instructions are presented.  If the user needs immediate assistance, pressing the help button summons LIVE! video or telephone support.

ShowMeQR is developed by Gus Communication Devices Inc., a leader in the field of assistive technology for over 22+ years.

Note: ShowMeQR codes are proprietary and can only be viewed using the ShowMeQR - Scanner app.

ShowMeQR is the only app that takes HD video, text, and live help and compresses it into a proprietary, tangible, printable QR code.  It forever simplifies how we would normally search for and obtain on-line help.  It's usefulness extends to…

1.     Tasks  -  ShowMeQR codes can be created to show or explain how to successfully complete a task at home, work, school or in public.  For example, a ShowMeQR code attached to a dishwasher could be used to show how to correctly load and operate it.

2.     Concepts  -  When placed in text books or instruction manuals, ShowMeQR can be used to demonstrate specific topics like solving a mathematical equation like 2x - 12 = 1x.

3.     Tangible objects  -  By attaching a ShowMeQR code directly to an object, the user has immediate access to important instructions relative to that object.

4.     Printed manuals -  ShowMeQR codes are a perfect replacement for common installation/setup diagrams and printed instructions.  ShowMeQR codes can be printed directly into product manuals for quick reference.

ShowMeQR is for...

Parents       Teachers       Employers         Caregivers

Occupational Therapists        Vocational Rehabilitation

Anyone needing object/location based training/support

iBeacon Compatible

ShowMeQR Manager app - iOS version: $299.99

ShowMeQR Manager app - Android version: $299.99

ShowMeQR Scanner app - iOS version:  $29.99

ShowMeQR Scanner app - Android version:  $29.99

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